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Orthopedics is the branch of medicine associated with musculoskeletal problems. We treat everything from muscle and joint pain to end stage arthritis, from sprains to complex fractures, from extremity pain to back pain. Below are some of our specialized treatments.

Whether your joint pain has just developed or has progressed and has become chronic, we can offer you solutions to alleviate your discomfort.​

Conservative treatments are available for those just beginning to face their aches and pains. Our doctors, Nurse Practitioners and Physician’s Assistants suggest and offer options such as Physical Therapy, Anti-inflammatory regimens and steroid injections.

See our Patient FAQs for some commonly asked questions about these treatments and procedures.



Steroid Injections

A steroid injection generally consists of a cortisone-like medication, DepoMedrol®, with Lidocaine used for numbing. Typically after an injection the numbing medicine wears off in approximately two hours, causing the pain to return. This is normal and patients should not be disappointed thinking the injection did not help.  It can take three to seven days for the steroid to calm the inflammation causing the pain.

Every day the pain should lessen somewhat and patients are encouraged to apply ice as needed. Steroids may cause a temporary elevation of blood sugars in diabetics. 

Monitor blood sugars daily for two weeks and report excessively high readings to your family doctor.

Total Joint Replacements

WB&J offers the services of total joint replacement including hip, knee, ankle and shoulder. Dr. Tomberlin was the first surgeon to introduce a total joint replacement to the city of Winston-Salem and our commitment to excellence with this procedure has not changed.

Hyaluronic Injections

Hyaluronic Injections (such as Synvisc® or Orthovisc®). A Hyaluronic injection is an option once Steroid injections have been given without relief. They are sometimes given as a series of three injections, or can be given in one injection depending on your insurance coverage. Hyaluronic acid can provide superior and more lasting pain relief than steroid injections in some patients.  While not a permanent cure for arthritis, it can offer better pain relief than steroid.

Arthroscopy and Joint Preservation 

Arthroscopy is a less invasive outpatient surgery that is helpful for less progressive forms of joint degeneration.

Hand and Upper Extremity surgeries​

Carpal tunnel release, trigger finger release, rotator cuff repairs.

Fracture care

We treat all types of fracture, both pediatric and adult. Same day appointments are available, as there is always a medical provider available.

Back pain 

We do treat certain types of back pain related to arthritis, fractures and muscular problems. There are several types of injections that can be administered for back pain, and some treatment will lead to surgery in extreme cases. Patients seeking treatment for back pain be advised, you must have any doctor notes or radiological reports faxed or carried to our office before a back consultation will be made. In some cases patients will be recommended to see a neurosurgeon, depending on the nature of the problem.

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