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Where All of Our Patients Get The Friends and Family Treatment.

Have you ever been to the doctor and felt like you were just one out of a million patients? Our goal is to make every patient feel that they are as important as they truly are. We care about you as a total person and not as a body part.

Welcome to Winston Bone & Joint Surgical Associates, a private orthopedic surgery practice that has offered comprehensive orthopedic care to the greater Winston-Salem area since 1990. Our orthopedic surgeons and staff offer fast and specialized services in a welcoming, friendly environment to patients of all ages.



"It’s been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in any physician’s office, in Winston-Salem or in any other place. The office staff was very caring, personal. It felt like everyone was very considerate of me.

I had a total knee replacement. A major joint replacement is a significant operation and I was told what to expect, what to do pre- and post-op, and everything I was told was correct.  He helped me get through this major operation very well.

I would highly recommend the office for the experience, fantastic results I’ve had and that I have heard from many other patients that they’ve had. There is a general excellence that is shown by the staff and the doctors themselves."

Thomas Brown, MD
(retired OB-GYN, Professor)

Get Information Tailored for You.

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Where Hi-tech Meets Hi-touch.

At our office x-rays are performed digitally, on site and are available to patients for review immediately with the physician at the time of the exam. We have fluoroscopy available on site to aid with injections and fracture reductions as needed. We now have electronic records, which ensures ease of sharing information with your primary care physician and we network with our imaging centers and Forsyth Medical Center to view patient records and radiological studies online.
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